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Metal Zipper Standard
Metal zippers are most effective when used on heavy weight or thick materials such as denim and leather among other heavy-duty fabrics. These zippers are commonly found in denim trousers and jackets, leather outfits, shoes and heavy luggage and bags...
Corn Teeth Metal Zippers
In addition to original metal colors, antique look elements are also available. This zipper is suitable for applications with thick fabric such as leather jackets and bags.
Double Point Teeth Zippers
Double-point metal zipper, made of high-grade metal teeth, hanging electroplating process, durable and wearable, can pass European environmental standards, SGS certification, 100 grid test standards. Smooth round trip test ≥10000 times, lateral tensile te
Swiss Teeth Metal Zippers
Swiss zipper teeth made by belt, rib, chain, core, intubation (also called plug), socket, double tail. It is composed of pieces, reinforcing tape, slider, pull tab and intermediate joint...
Metal Zippers Y Teeth
Metal zippers are the oldest type of zipper. Dashun offers various metals such as: golden brass, nickel, aluminum, and manganese.
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